North American Meeting 2022


Poker Night:

Poker tournament will take place on Thursday at 8:00 pm (after the welcome reception) at Hilton.

Please Sign up here

Entry: $20

Cash prizes (subject to change):

First: 50% of total entry fees

Second:30% of total entry fees

Third: 20% of total entry fees

Blinds will increase progressively.

Storytelling show:

The storytelling show will take place on Saturday at 7:45 pm night at Hilton.

Experiment: An intimate look at how we choose what to believe

David Reiley, a former officer of ESA and a member for more than 25 years, has prepared a storytelling show that he intends to perform in theaters. The show aims to illustrate for a general audience how scientific thinking can be useful to people who currently consider themselves nonscientists: in particular, how curiosity and humility allow us to change our minds when we've been mistaken in our beliefs. This approach has proved extremely useful in David's personal life, as he navigated a series of relationship disasters, as well as in his professional life, where he has spent a quarter-century evangelizing for the use of field experiments. While David's unusual lack of embarrassment has sometimes caused awkwardness through his oversharing in ordinary social situations, he has observed in the work of master storytellers, like Dave Chappelle and Hannah Gadsby, that the ability to share vulnerably about intensely personal life lessons can powerfully convey a moving and entertaining message to an audience. This will be the inaugural performance of the show.